The Belgariad

The Belgariad is a gripping series of books by author David Eddings, featuring, amongst others, Scullery Boy Garion, Polgara and Belgarath the Sorcerors, as well as Durnik the Smith, Barak the Warrior, Mandorallen the Knight, Hettar the Plansman, and Silk the thieving, cheating, annoying, spy. This series follows the quest to recover the Orb of Aldur, the defeat of the god Torak, and Garion’s struggle to master his powers. This series is recommended for anyone who likes adventure, fantasy, or just a good, long, read (the other series in this world is the Mallorean. Other books include: Belgarath the Sorceror, Polgara the Sorceress, and The Rivan Codex). I found these books so gripping because it opened up a whole new world right before my eyes.

S.E.T, age 11,


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