The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence

When Ivy’s Granma Sylvie breaks her ankle, she and  Seb her brother, go to Granma’s house to clear up. There they see a black feather writing “We can see you now” in the air. Then, after crawling through a suitcase to Lundinor a world under London, they discover a dark secret. What is the mysterious dirge, and what do they want? I adored this book. I adored it’s humor, it’s seriousness, and, most of all, I adored it’s imaginativeness. It was so gripping it kept me reading from seven o’clock to ten o’clock- without knowing the time! This book is 100% recommended to anyone who likes fantasy, science fiction or mystery-in my case, all three!

S.E.T. 11


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