The Boy With the Tiger’s Heart

The Boy With the Tiger’s Heart is a wonderful book, full of emotion and adventure-the best things in a fiction book. Imagine a time when the wild is feared and animals persecuted. It is here when Thomas Baily takes his own life, and here when Nona and Abel Dancer- her bear- run from the sinister Bolverk, with his strange mechanic eye, and his huge glassy-eyed birds. On the road she meets Caius, a sad, cautious boy who seems to have been everywhere, and Jay, a strange, mysterious boy who has a secret…

To coin a phrase from Simon Cowell: I didn’t like it. I loved it. This book was beautiful. The imagination, the phrasing, and, what I liked most, the plot. I recommend this book to science fiction lovers everywhere, as well as fantasy fanatics, and wildlife lovers.

S.E.T., 11


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