The Secret of Platform 13

Every nine years a magical gump opens for nine days in Platform 13, King’s Cross Station. But what is a… “gump”, I hear you ask? well, a gump is a portal into another world, a world with ghosts, witches, hags, harpies, wizards, and so much more it would take up a mile of paper to list. But the reason this is so important is not that hundreds of people and supernatural creatures come through every time, but that¬†the baby prince of the island was kidnapped nine years ago.

I enjoyed this book so much because, totally apart from the stunning storyline, the dazzling description, and the charming characters, I loved the sheer idea, the originality, of the story that some say inspired Harry Potter. Recommended for fantasy lovers everywhere, no matter the age.

S.E.T. 11


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