Tarzan and The Greystroke Legacy

Camping in the jungle of the Congo with illegal loggers, young Jane Porter is saved from a fire by Negoogunogumbar- Tarzan, the Jungle King. Healed by Tarzan’s rural medicines, Jane goes on to discover the story of a man more beast than human.
But when the men destroying the forest are endangered like the animals’ habitat they are destroying, will Tarzan, protector of the forest, rescue them?

I loved how this book kept the characters’ history a secret until the end, only throwing you snippets right until the end of their story. I also loved how this book mixed action, mystery, and a healthy awareness towards the environment, and really made you empathise with the characters. This book is recommended for fans of action, adventure, or just if you want a really good read.

S.E.T, 11


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