A Wizard of Earthsea

When  young Sparrowhawk the wizard- although he doesn’t know it yet- is recognised for what he is by first his village witch aunt, then a powerful mage, he goes to Gont, centre of the world, to learn magic. Showing off ridiculously, he raises the dead. Striving to destroy the terrible shadow- beast he has let loose, he often seems more likely to destroy himself- and may…

I loved this exiting, imaginative, scary book because it’s world really structures itself well- much like the The Belgariad– it gives itself an atmosphere that it is a real world without visiting everywhere. I also quite like how, when you first start reading, Sparrowhawk is not called Sparrowhawk, then after he is called Sparrowhawk, he is Ged, so it confuses you, and if you read the blurb, it makes you think ‘wait- the blurb says he’s called Sparrowhawk. Has someone stapled this book into a different cover?’ Later, though, you realise what’s going on. ‘Phew, it is the right book!’ This book is recommended for fans of The Belgariad, also lovers of fiction and fantasy.

S.E.T, 11,


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