Darkmouth: Worlds Explode

Panic reigns in Darkmouth. Hugo the Great, Finn’s father, last true Legend Hunter is lost on the Infested Side- and the crystals that open portals between worlds are only found on his side… Aren’t they?
Darkmouth, the last true Blighted Village on the face of the Promised World (as Legends know it) has an infinitesimally small chance of survival- Finn, the “Legend Blunder” who can’t even put his armour on the right way round. Gulp.

I liked this book because it extended the world of Darkmouth really well- the Half- Hunters, for example, opened up huge amounts of possibility for more Hunters. I also liked the Infested Side’s description, and the Legends were sometimes terrifying, but always imaginative.

S.E.T, 11,


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