Un Lun Dun

Deeba’s friend Zanna seems to be getting a lot of extra attention- of the strange kind. Animals stare at her, strangers dressed in old- fashioned clothes act flustered around her, and even once an old umbrella floating outside her first- floor bedroom window! And when the umbrella is spotted, they follow it, and are at once sucked into a strange world, one of unbrellas and binjas. The abcity. UnLondon.
But UnLondon’s world seems to be fraught with danger and confusion. What’s so bad about the Smog? Who or what is the “Shwazzy”? And why does Zanna’s ordinary London travelcard inspire so much awe?

I liked this book because it was a book about changing destiny, and I found it really inspiring. I also liked the world, as in a city in which obsolete things from London seep down into UnLondon, and it made  people from the abcity talk about it really normally- they even found an acronym (moil- Mildly Obsolete In London)! I also liked how it talked about other abcities, opening up the possibility for a sequel. (Paris’nt, Lost Angeles and Baghdid’nt)

S.E.T, 11,


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