The Northern Lights

In the musty halls of Oxford’s Jordan College, Lyra, her dæmon, Pantalaimon, and her friend Roger mischievously explore its halls, discover secrets, and get into fixes. Basically, they mess around, get into trouble, and have a great time. But this will not always be. For when children start disappearing, abducted by “Gobblers”, Lyra is taken into the care of kind Mrs Coulter, where she is told that, soon, she will go to the Arctic to see the Northern Lights. However, when Roger disappears, she is abducted by the taciturn boat-going Gyptians- she will really go to the north.

I liked this book because, although it doesn’t make sense at the start, you soon begin to understand this world, for example wondering what your dæmon would be. Would it be owl if you’re wise, a fox if you’re sly, or a lion if you’re fierce. This book is recommended for fantasy or history fans.

S.E.T, 11,


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