The Fire Within

When college student David Rain moves to new lodgings, he gets his own “special” dragon, handmade by Liz, the landlady potter, as a house warming gift: the trickiest thing he expects to deal with is helping Lucy, Liz’s daughter, capture an ¬†injured squirrel. But at night, he hears mysterious “hrr”-ing sounds. Nothing too unusual . But when Liz is questioned, she explains it as the radiators. Again, nothing too unusual- usually. But it is when you’ve got no radiators. Following this, he begins to investigate, and stumbles across a secret as old as time itself- the Fire within…

I liked this book because it doesn’t launch you straight into the action, although i’m not saying that’s a bad thing- one book I read you didn’t get into the action until well over half the book- and this was a properly chunky book too- well over five hundred pages. In this book, you get just the right mix of background and build-up balanced with adventure.¬†This book is also really eloquently written in a way that lets you see from David’s perspective, but not wholly, so that you can understand how the others may be feeling. The ending is really tense and heartbreaking too- all that was in my head was “come on, come on”!

S.E.T, 11,


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